The gasoline crisis

On January 2019 there were a crisis in Guadalajara. Nearly the 90% of the distribution of gasoline was cut as a consequence of the battle versus the «huachicoleros»

El Colegio de México (México: El Colegio de México, versión electrónica <>, consultado el 20 de mayo de 2017), señala que el término huachicolero alude a la ‘persona que se dedica a bajar fruta de los árboles utilizando un cuachicol o huachicol’ y al ‘delincuente que se dedica a robar gasolina perforando los oleoductos que la conducen

– Academia Mexicana de la Lengua,

A lot of people were frustrated because in order to fill gasoline, they had to wait a minimum of 2 hours in a gas station, (this time takes in consideration that the station was opened and the pipe already discharging gasoline at the time they arrived). So basically you had the variables in order to gasoline.

Gas Station Opened
Pipe Discharging Gasoline
Number of liters discharged enough to fill all the cars before you

Not to mention that the vas majority of gas stations were rationalizing the gasoline, they were dispatching by car just 20 liters, and in some cases, 40.

The people living in Guadalajara saw the caos that this fight was causing, but was for a good cause, right? Besides that, we also realized how attached are we to this fuel, I can’t imagine what would have happened if it had been a vital product, like water or food.

These past days made me wonder that the caos around the city would have been less if more citizens had electric cars, but the caos itself shouldn’t be considered as a reason to switch to an electric car, that switching has to come by oneself, to realize that is time to switch to a renewable energy. But another thing comes in my mind, I think our city is not prepared to handle a considerable number of electric cars around the city. I just saw the charging station that is located in the parking of Plaza Andares, it is the only location that I know, but you know how it is, is the government starts to see that the number of electric cars in the city is increasing, and by request of the citizens, the number of charging stations in the city will increase to meet the demand.

But for now, let’s hope another gasoline crisis does not hit our city

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