The public transport system

In the past few weeks I used the public bus transport system frequently in Guadalajara after two years and a half (I got my first car and used bus a very few times) because of the fuel crisis we were suffering, I ran out of gasoline and the Uber prices were about 3-4 times the base price. I don’t have any problem using this kind of transportation like many people do (some people find like the bus is for the poor).

I would like to start using the public bus more often if it has better units. Let’s be honest, the vast majority of buses in the city are old, rusty, dirty and they left a lot of smog all the way (some are regulated, some not) and if there were a better distribution of the routes. My fist day waiting for the bus, it took like 30-40 minutes to the bus to pass, and I saw another route in the same street passing 7 times, around 5 minutes per bus. Those things have to be improved, because the main benefit of more people using the buses is less traffic in our city, which results in less contamination, less time that takes to go from one point to another.

We have to adopt the culture of the more developed countries and start using the public transport more, because of it benefits to our city and environment. Also, the government has to start changing the units for ones that uses renewable energy (e.j. electricity), regulate and apply fines to those ones that left a lot of smog. There are even cool apps that notifies you in what time a bus route is going to arrive at your bus top, one is Transit (, in México is only available in CDMX, but probably will expand to more cities.

MiBici is a public prepaid bike system that right now is very used in Guadalajara, I find it very useful for short distances, also the user is doing exercise while using it, not to mention that is also eco-friendly. A month ago was implemented in my natal city, Mazatlán, making it the first city in the state, and the pretend to expand to the rest of the cities. Both systems can work with an application. Grin is another transporting app, but this uses scooters.

With all this stuff of everything connected maybe will see new ways of transportation in the next year, and let’s hope they use renewable energy and are eco-friendly.

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